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Passenger numbers up 14.5 percent at Vagar Airport

128.917 passengers have passed through Vagar Airport in 2018 so far, reports Faroese news webpage VP.fo.

This is an increase of 14.5 percent compared to the first five months of 2017.

VP adds that 36.737 passengers passed through Vagar Airport in May.

In March 2017 SAS commenced a daily route between Denmark and the Faroe Islands, while the Faroese airline company Atlantic Airways lowered fares to better compete with SAS.

The growth of passengers has meant that the airport has invested more in developing the infrastructure by the airport. In October 2017, the new parking-facilities opened. Going from 360 available parking-slots, Vagar Airport can now offer the travelers over 800 parking-slots. More investments in infrastructure and passenger-facilities are being planned in 2018.

The passenger figures at Vagar Airport 2010-17:

2010: 199.988 passengers
2011: 203.499 (1,8%)
2012: 225.532 (10,8%)
2013: 236.181 (4,7%)
2014: 250.287 (6,0%)
2015: 276.395 (10,4%)
2016: 292.393 (5,8%)
2017: 341.388 (16,8%)


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