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Passenger growth continues at Vágar Airport

Growth in passenger throughput has continued at Vágar Airport during 2018, with latest figures showing that 32.678 passengers chose to fly through Vágar Airport in September compared to the same period last year – an increase of 13.2 percent, reports Fae.fo.

Over 29.000 more passengers have used Vágar Airport so far this year, with the busy July helping to boost total passenger numbers for the year to date to 300.576.

The growth comes on the back of a number of new routes added throughout the last couple of years. Atlantic Airways, the national airline of the Faroe Islands, has added new scheduled services to Barcelona, Mallorca, Lisboa, Malta and Gran Canaria.

It has also played a factor that SAS commenced a daily route between Denmark and the Faroe Islands in March 2017, while Atlantic Airways lowered fares to better compete with SAS.

Passenger figures at Vágar Airport 2010-17:

2010: 199.988 passengers
2011: 203.499 (1,8%)
2012: 225.532 (10,8%)
2013: 236.181 (4,7%)
2014: 250.287 (6,0%)
2015: 276.395 (10,4%)
2016: 292.393 (5,8%)
2017: 341.388 (16,8%)


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