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Parliamentary Election 2019: Anna Margretha Otthamar, candidate for Miðflokkurin

Anna Margretha Otthamar, Miðflokkurin (Centre Party): I’m running as a candidate to the Faroese Parliament for the Centre Party, in Faroese Miðflokkurin. I am committed to working on improving family life in the Faroe Islands and making laws and regulations that are grounded in our Christian faith and cultural heritage. Thus the land and the people will thrive and make great progress in times ahead.

My main priorities are:
– Reducing the number of abortions to zero
– School and education
– To improve educational policies for newcomers
– More staff in daycare institutions
– To get transparancy in pension savings
– To upgrade the care of the elderly
– Establishing fair and stable regulations for the business sector
– Sustainable energy solutions
– To lower tolls and surtaxes
– To get wage indexation back in to salary contracts

If you have some of the same priorities and are eligible for voting please do so. Vote for Miðflokkurin or one of it’s candidates.

Anna Margretha Otthamar
Candidate for Miðflokkurin


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