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Parliamentary Election 2019: My greetings to all foreigners settled in the Faroes

Bergun Kass, Framsókn (Progress Party): To all of you who chose to move to our country and settle here: Welcome!

I wish for all of you – adults and children – to have a prosperous family life in your new home country.

Many of you have been here for years and have been successfully integrated to our society. Others have recently arrived and might appreciate a more smooth integration proces.

If I will be elected to the Løgting, I will do my utmost to facilitate a smooth process of integration into the Faroese society. This I will do in cooperation with you in order to be sure that your needs will be reflected.

The integration proces needs to based on the fact that you have very different backgrounds in many ways.

To mention some of the issues, which I feel need to be addressed:

  • The responsibility for integration shall be placed with the Government. Today no public body has the overall responsibility for the integration.
  • Undertake steps to improve capabilities within language, social, cultural, work and political issues.
  • Coordination between f. ex. government and municipalities, public bodies, schools and kindergartens, work and education. And so on.

If you think, I can influence your situation in a positive direction, you are welcome to vote for me at the election 31st August.

Bergun Kass
Framsókn – Listi F


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