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Overview: Reopening Faroese society

On Thursday 30 April, the Government of the Faroe Islands announced further steps to ease restrictions and gradually increase the level of activity in Faroese society. Emphasis continues to be placed on the public health guidelines for hygiene and personal distancing, as well as the advice for travellers to the Faroe Islands to self-quarantine for 14 days.

More people can gather

From 4 May, a maximum of 50 people can gather in one place. A personal distance of 2 meters should be maintained.

Travellers to the Faroe Islands

Tourists are advised not to travel to the Faroe Islands, at least until 30 June. Anyone else travelling to the Faroe Islands is still expected to self-quarantine for 14 days after arrival. Procedures will be intensified, with closer follow-up and reminders of the need to adhere to the recommendation on self-quarantine. If necessary, the Government will implement regulations for mandatory quarantine.

Businesses with close customer contact

Businesses such as hairdressers, dentists, physio and ergo therapists, driving instructors, beauticians, opticians and the like can reopen and resume their services from 4 May, in adherence to the public health guidelines.

Restaurants, bars and dance venues

Restaurants, bars and dance venues can reopen in adherence to the public health guidelines. They should continue to close no later than 22:00.

Primary schools

The Government proposes the following changes:

· Grade 4 starts back at school on 4 May

· Grade 5 starts back at school on 11 May

· Grade 9 starts back at school on 18 May

Pupils having difficulties with remote learning

Steps will be taken to ensure that pupils with special needs and who therefore have difficulties with remote learning can attend some classes at school.

Higher education, vocational and high schools

Classes for first and second year high school students in their thematic courses will resume from 18 May to 5 June, and classes in selective subjects will resume as usual from 11 May.

Museums and cultural institutions

Museums such as the National Museum, the National Art Museum and libraries can reopen from 4 May in adherence to the public health guidelines.

Churches and congregations

With an increase in the recommended maximum number of people at any one gathering, churches and congregations can resume their activities in adherence to the public health guidelines.

Festivals and larger cultural events

No festivals or larger cultural events should be held before 30 June. The situation will be assessed and a new announcement made towards the end of May.

Public sector

Public sector employees will once again work from their offices to the extent possible, but if special circumstances so require, they may still work from home.

Social services

The Department of Social Services has since 20 April been gradually easing the precautionary measures in its services. This approach will be assessed early next week and decisions will be made about how to resume normal arrangements.


Now that more businesses are resuming their activities, the municipal authorities in consultation with the Corona Advisory Group are planning for all children to be able to return to daycare.

Aged care

Aged care facilities will reopen gradually so that elderly residents can receive visitors and enjoy a fuller daily life. This will improve their well-being and quality of life. Management in consultation with the Corona Advisory Group are making plans to ensure the continued safety of both residents and staff.


From tomorrow (1 May), SSL busses will service all routes, although with a reduced schedule. The priority will be to ensure that people can get to and from work in the morning and afternoon. From 8 May the full timetable will resume for all routes. The number of passengers will continue to be restricted and according to request.


Ferries are currently operating with a reduced schedule. Tomorrow (1 May) the ferry to Mykines will resume. From 8 May all ferries will be operating according to their normal schedule, with certain continued restrictions for passengers.


Sporting events can resume from Saturday 9 May under controlled conditions. To begin with, it is recommended that both indoor winter sports and outdoor summer sports are played without spectators.


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