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Opinion: Open letter to Mr. Lewis Capaldi

Mr Capaldi, have you thought about the consequences of canceling your concert at the G! festival in the Faroe Islands next month?

Certainly not, but I will tell you what the consequences are.

Paul Franklin Watson has, for reasons he does not have the balls to admit, directed his anger and hate at his Faroese ancestors. He is NOT half Danish as he claims, but half Faroese. His Faroese grandfather, along with his daughter, who later became Watson’s mother, was expelled from the islands in connection with inheritance conflict with the rest of his family in his small village. It is one half of the story a -personal vendetta against its ancestors.

The other half is pure business.

Paul Franklin Watson, who is a documented criminal and scammer, has seen it as his main work in life to get the Faroese to continue what they have done over the past 1000 years – to harvest from what nature privides. This include Pilot Whales. Watson’s sole purpose of his hatred, his lies and his racism against his own people in the Faroe Islands is to keep his basis for his bloody and photo shop manipulated images. It gives money via donations to SS. Money from among others your fans.

You, Lewis Capaldi, has, with your cancellation on G! contributed to maintaining the luxury life of a swindler at the expense of hard-working Faroe Islanders who happen to live in a place where the natural recources are large and which of course they make use of.

At the very least, you owe your Faroese fans an unreserved excuse for your stupidity with the cancellation. And as a patch on the wound for the damage you have done, a solo concert at Faroe Islands would be a small compensation for your fans.

I do not know you or your music, nor is that what the matter is about. It is all about the fact that you have made a fatal error that ultimately encourages the documented criminal swindler to exploit even more ignorant, uninformed people in the Western world.

This fact should give you something to think about!

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Image credits: Faroephoto.com


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