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Opinion: Is civilization being controlled by eco-terrorism? (Part 2)

The self-declared Prince of Whales, the criminal founder of Sea Shepherd, who spends most of his time frequenting posh nightclubs, patrols “his” ranch in Vermont in ”his” Dodge Ram with some favorized followers is a genius when it comes to cheat money from gullible, idealistic, and well-meaning people by misinformation and invented facts. And certainly, it is a profitable business!

In the period from 2011 to 2015 Sea Shepherd USA (read: Paul Watson) cheated more than 50 million US Dollars (more than 300 million DKK) from his dedicated supporters. Sea Shepherd has affiliates in many other countries around the world collecting money after the same device as SS USA.

While some hundred young people spent their summer holiday – which they paid for themselves – in the Faroe Islands, starving and freezing in the misty and humid Faroese weather, PW enjoyed “la dolce vita” with his faithful followers. Luckily for these young “tourists” other Faroese youngsters felt pity and gave them food and, sometimes, shelter.

The interesting thing is that most of his young and idealistic disciples returned to their home countries, disillusioned and turning their back to SS. They had been on the “barbaric” stage but had experienced nothing of what they had been told. It was a very different holiday.

But PW desperately clings to his lies instead of explaining to people how he has got access to expensive properties, spends much of his time in fashionable nightclubs and restaurants, making his efforts to keep his body in good shape for the coming winter.

Opinion is ultimately determined by the feelings, and not by the intellect (Herbert Spencer 1820-1903).

Well, “Captain” Watson, when are you going to reveal the truth about SS financial accounting, properties for the specially selected followers, luxury travels, cars etc.?


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