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Opinion: Blue Planet Society – The dishonest society with an honest mission?

Apparently, another unreliable organization, the Blue Planet Society, is copying Sea Shepherd’s successful fundraising method by spreading misinformation about the Faroese pilot whaling. According to their mission “The Blue Planet Society is a self-funded, volunteer pressure group campaigning to end the overexploitation of the world’s ocean.”

According to IWC (1993) and NAMMCO the Faroese pilot whale hunt is neither overexploitation, nor is the pilot whale an endangered species.

There are approximately 800.000 long finned pilot whales in the Atlantic, there are about 100.000 individuals in the North Atlantic, the reproduction rate is 8 %, and our exploitation does normally not exceed 1 % of the stock in the North Atlantic.

The killing method is the fastest way of killing any wild mammal both on land and in the sea. We have been urged by IWC to continue our efforts to improve our good work to shorten the killing time.

So, Blue Planet Society, how does this harmonize with your mission statement? Or is it just an easy and dishonest way to raise money for your honest mission?


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