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Oops!…They did it again. Israeli kayakers yet again troubled by Faroe waters

Yesterday around noon the rescue boat, Sverri, dispatched from Miðvágur to aid a group of nine Israeli kayakers. One rower required more urgent care whereas the other eight needed help to get out of the beach on Víkar, located on Vágar Island.

Evidently it was very difficult to leave the beach with the kayaks due to the rough sea.

According to Faroese news website VP.fo it is most likely the same nine rowers who were rescued by the assets of the Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Center, MRCC, on the 3rd of July. They had set out from Eiðsvík but as they ventured north from Cape Enniberg they were separated into smaller groups by the rough sea. That time they were rescued by means of rescue helicopter and by several rescue vessels and boats.

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It is not clear where from the kayakers had set out from yesterday. They were spotted around 11am by Slættanestanga, the northernmost point of Vágar Island and were rowing westward.

Sverri first came to the aid of the injured kayaker. They sailed him to Oyragjógv on the east side of Vágar Island where an ambulance greeted them. It is not clear what kind of injury the rower had sustained or how it occurred but according to a report from MRCC it was not very serious. He did require some medical attention and was therefore transported to Tórshavn.

The rescue boat then returned to the remaining eight kayakers who were unable to leave the beach on the northwest side of Vágar. The Israeli kayakers managed to board the boat along with their kayaks and equipment. Around 4pm Sverri and the eight kayakers were back in Miðvágur.

It is unclear whether the kayakers will attempt another rowing trip.


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