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‘Only Love’: Eivør releases new single and music video

On December 11th, Faroese music artist Eivør released her latest single along with a video. The track “Only Love” features Icelandic vocalist Ásgeir and is from Eivør’s newest album Segl, released in September. The new video was shot on location in Iceland and directed by Icelandic artist Anna Maggý.

Speaking about the process, Eivør commented: “I wrote the lyrics with David Hopkins and when this song was written I thought about ‘love’ and all the things it makes us do. I will never get tired of writing about this subject. It’s the most complex and yet the most basic of all things. It has so many shapes and shades and on this journey of life it takes us through the whole palette of emotions. It’s both strong and fragile at once. It breaks us and makes us whole. Sometimes we have to lose it first to find it and when we find it we are afraid of losing it. I believe that everyone we ever loved will always be a part of us somehow deep within. Even when that love didn’t last. I find much beauty in that.”

About their collaboration on the track, Ásgeir said: “I got to know Eivør when I sang with her on her Christmas shows in Reykjavik in 2018 and we got along really well and I enjoyed working with her and her band. Later on Eivør sent me the track ‘Only Love’ and I was honoured that she asked me to sing with her on this song.”


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