One of the most popular landmarks in the Faroe Islands: Gásadalur’s iconic Múlafossur waterfall — video

No wonder the Múlafossur waterfall in the village Gásadalur on the island Vágar has become one of the landmarks most frequented by tourists in the Faroe Islands, despite the rather limited level of safety in place at its view spot. Whereas the lighthouse at Kallurin and nearby village Trøllanes on the island Kalsoy — now of James Bond fame — are arguably no less special and indeed spectacular, it’s still much more convenient to go to Gásadalur, at least for those traveling by air to the Faroes. Thus Múlafossur could well be the most frequented landmark in the Faroese landscape. “I’d say we have foreign visitors here every single day,” a farmer at Gásadalur told us. “It’s as if they arrive regardless of the weather; rain or shine, doesn’t seem to make any difference.” This video was recorded on October 17th, 2021.

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