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– One of the first western countries to get the coronavirus under control

The Faroese have a lot to celebrate, even though the crisis isn’t over, Kaj Leo Holm Johannesen, Minister of Health, said at a press conference on Tuesday.

– We are among the first western countries to get control of the coronavirus, which does not seem to thrive in the Faroe Islands. We see other governments and foreign media look to the Faroese with fascination and respect. Things are going very well, and we should be able to celebrate that, while we continue to stay alert, he said.

The Faroe Islands still have a total of 185 confirmed cases. In the last 15 days, only two new cases have been found. The last case was discovered on 18 April – a person who arrived to the country already infected. Hence no one seems to have contracted the virus in the Faroe Islands during these last couple of weeks.

A total of 178 people have recovered, meaning there are seven active cases left. 6.270 tests have been conducted – 99 samples were taken yesterday, and they all turned out to be negative. 25 people are currently in quarantine, and no one is hospitalized.


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