Ólavsøka kicks off as locals and visitors descend on central Tórshavn

A fairly large crowd gathered for the inauguration. Image credits: Bui Tyril.

The Faroese capital, unsurprisingly, appears to be in great spirits with the national holiday, the Ólavsøka, inaugurated in the early afternoon, covering most of central Tórshavn with events and festivities of a wide variety for the annual two-day festival. 

A major venue for sports and cultural events, art exhibitions and live music, entertainment, amusement and more, the Ólavsøka usually gathers tens of thousands of people, from locals to people living elsewhere in the Faroes to expatriates and foreign visitors. The Ólavsøka is likewise used as an occasion to catch up with old friends and make new ones and generally have a good time.

Unlike last year’s heavily Covid-restricted edition, which turned the entire festival into essentially a non-event, this year was destined to see the Ólavsøka largely restored, however with some measures in place to discourage large gatherings. 

As indicated by the sizeable crowd gathered around the Parliament’s front yard next to the town hall building for the inauguration, mayor Heðin Mortensen a few hours earlier had told our sister publication that he was anticipating a “good old” style Ólavsøka this time around with a fairly large turnout.

Looks like he was right.

VIDEO: interview with mayor Heðin Mortensen (Faroese language) …


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