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Ocean Rainforest featured on ABC News Network

Faroese seaweed farmer Ocean Rainforest has received major television news coverage in the United States and beyond with a sizeable news report presenting the business’ activities as a role model in the context climate change.

Established in 2007, Ocean Rainforest is one of a few companies in the world that seeds, cultivates and harvests seaweed on a commercial scale in an open ocean environment. 

With the amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide growing, carbon dioxide contents in the world’s oceans likewise increase. Much like other plants, seaweed captures carbon dioxides and is considered — with its extraordinary growth rate, about 30 to 60 times the rate of land based plants — ideal for mass scale production.

According to the estimates of scientific researchers, if nine percent of the world’s ocean surface were to be used for seaweed farming, some 53 billion tonnes of CO2 could be removed from the atmosphere. Moreover, if such amounts of seaweed were to be harvested and processed, that could produce large enough volumes of biofuels to replace all of today’s demand for fossil fuel energy.

As ABC News noted, Ocean Rainforest aims to combat climate change by cleaning the ocean using seaweed. The harvested seaweed is primarily used in food and feed; however, it also has qualities as a replacement for plastics, can be used in textiles and medicines, and can also serve as biofuel.

In the ABC News segment, Ocean Forest CEO Ólavur Gregersen said: “We don’t have much land here, we don’t have much forest, but we have an enormous ocean area, and we could grow a forest in the ocean.” 

Some 14 months ago, the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) took the lion’s share in an investment round that raised 1.5 million USD for Ocean Rainforest, “to accelerate growth of offshore seaweed production for the benefit of people, communities, and climate gains.”

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