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Number of Faroe Islands air passengers hits all-time high

Much as predicted months ago, the year 2023 indeed turned out record-breaking in terms of air passenger traffic in the Faroe Islands. According to Vagar Airport, as quoted by state broadcaster KvF, roughly 431,100 travelers passed through the terminal of the island nations’ sole airport.

With the previous record registered in 2019—a year that saw 424,300 passengers travel via the airport—the total number of air passengers entering and leaving the Faroes during 2023 exceeded that of the formerly highest by nearly 7,000, or by 1.6 percent.

The fact that air passenger statistics would set a new record in 2023 was forecast earlier on, in June, when Vager Airport CEO Regin I. Jakobsen noted his expectation that the year’s total number of air passengers would become the highest on record.

In the years following 2019, disruptions linked to Covidian crisis management dramatically reduced the level of air travel activity in most countries, with the number of air passengers at Vagar nosediving, only to recover in 2022 above the 400k mark.


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