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Number of air passengers set to break new records — Vagar Airport

The number of air travelers that passed through the terminals of Vagar Airport during the month of May this year surpassed the record-high numbers of the same month of 2019, the airport announced.

May 2022 thus saw a 7.7 percent increase on May 2019, with almost 43,600 passengers in 2022 compared to just under 40,500 in May 2019.

“We have high hopes for this summer and the rest of the year,” said Vagar Airport CEO Regin I. Jakobsen.

Mr. Jakobsen noted that similar or even higher numbers compared to those of 2019 could be expected for the year, adding, however, that it’s still early and therefore not possible to predict with any high degree of certainty.

According to statistics from Vagar Airport, roughly 129,400 passengers have traveled via the airport in the first five months of this year, still far less than the roughly 424,300 who went through in 2019.

46 percent of the air passengers registered in 2019 were Faroe Islands residents, whereas some 7 pc. were Faroese expatriates and the remaining 47 pc. foreign residents.


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