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Number of air passengers at Vagar nearing all-time high levels of 2019

With business umbrella organization House of Industry reporting last month that 49,000 passengers had traveled through Vagar Airport in the first quarter of 2022, a 140-percent increase on the corresponding period of last year, that positive trend remains on track to bring the number of air travelers closer to pre-covid levels.

Not long before Covid put a two-year stop to most commercial air travel to and from the Faroe Islands, April of 2019, the highest year on record for passenger numbers at Vagar Airport, saw the number of travelers passing through the airport terminals reaching roughly 38,000, with the total number for that year amounting to about 424,300. 

Clearly 2020 and 2021 proved less impressive. In 2020, the number of travelers who passed through Vagar Airport totaled some 180,000, less than half the corresponding figure of the previous year. The numbers had recovered somewhat by the end of 2021, amounting to a total 239,000, according to statistics reports from Vagar Airport.

As for the present year, around 86,000 air travelers have been registered in the first four months. For this same period in 2019, the statistics showed 103,000 air travelers — that’s merely 17 percent above the air passenger number for the first four months of this year. 


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