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Nude art photographer Benny Rytter returns to the Faroe Islands

The Danish internationally exhibited, awarded and published photographer Benny Rytter specializes in fine art nude photography, mentoring and workshops. As a child he spent several years in Sørvágur, when his father managed Vágar Airport in the early 1970s.

Although he went back to live in Denmark at the age of seven, Benny Rytter still considers Sørvágur his hometown, and since 2015 he has returned to the Faroe Islands several times.

This year Benny Rytter is, once again, returning to Sørvágur.

The photographer finds great pleasure in using the Faroese nature as a backdrop for his nude images that involve nature, and while almost everyone else visits Iceland to take nude photos in nature, he enjoys almost being the only one in the Faroe Islands, he says.

– The nature up here complements the beauty of the nude woman so brilliantly.

Now, young people aren’t the only people who enjoy nude art and have a more relaxed attitude, and Benny Rytter is happy that people in the Faroe Islands have become more liberal when it comes to nudity.

The topic for Benny Rytter’s creative work is emotions.

– Emotions of any kind are valid, I only try to give the audience a chance to meet their own. I won’t decide what people should feel, there is no such thing as a right or a wrong feeling when looking at my work, he says.

This summer, Benny Rytter will be having a workshop in the Faroe Islands, which will take place on the 11th of July. Even though this is five months away, almost all the seats have been booked already. The 12th of July is also open for personal mentoring and tuition. More information can be found on his website

The images are copyrighted.
Models: Maria Nagoor Hansen & Lilith Etch

The images are copyrighted.
Models: Maria Nagoor Hansen & Lilith Etch

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