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‘Not as cold as we think’: Boxing Day produces most babies

Having crossed the 54,000 mark this summer, the total population of the Faroe Islands, as of August 1st, reached 54,200.

According to Statistics Faroe Islands, the population thus, per August 1st, increased by 670 year on year — that’s 1.3 percent, a slightly lower rate relative to the previous year’s increase of 1.5 pc.

One-fourth of the population increase is attributed to a natural increase of 160 i.e. the difference between the total number of births and the total number of deaths, with the remaining 510 due to a net increase i.e. the difference between emigration and migration.

Compared to the previous 12-month period, this period’s natural increase was cut in half, while the net increase, meanwhile, increased. Migration, which slowed down with the rise of Covid-19, has since picked up again.

Yet while the total population of the islands grew, only half of the Faroese municipalities saw an increase in their population.

14 municipalities reported an increase in their population, while 14 others reported that their population had decreased. One municipality’s population remained unchanged.

The largest increase was reported in Tórshavn municipality, which now houses 23,000 people – corresponding to 43 percent of the country’s total population. Of these, 21,000 are residing in Tórshavn, Hoyvík and Argir.

Out of the 54,200 people living in the Faroes, about 5,000 are born in the month of September, according to Statistics Faroe Islands.

“Most of us are born in September, and most on September 26th,” we’re told. This means, as any observant readers will have already noted, that most of the Faroese population are born nine months after Christmas, specifically nine months after boxing day. 

It appears 204 people in the Faroes were born on September 26th.

“Christmas time and the winter months are perhaps not as cold as we might think,” Statistics Faroe Islands made pun.

The agency further estimated that the population will reach 55,000 in 2024, and that time will have passed into the 2060s, however, before the population reaches 60,000 — at which point some 45 percent of the total population will be residing in Tórshavn Municipality with the remainder spread across the islands.


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