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Norröna is getting a facelift

On December 19th, the cruise ferry Norröna will be docked at the Fayard shipyard in Munkebo, Denmark, where it will remain until 4 March 2021. On 6 March, the Norröna will be heading back to the Faroe Islands from Hirtshals.

The new Norröna arrived in April 2003, and since then a few minor adjustments have been made, but now it is time for a grander modernization that will secure the vessel for the future. The Norröna is the only cruise liner with a regular route in the North Atlantic.

– We need more cabins and much better outdoor facilities, says Rúni Vang Poulsen, CEO of Smyril Line.

– Hence we will be adding about 50 cabins, he says.

And those will be cabins for two.

Deck 10 will be equipped with a brand new café, where one will have an excellent opportunity to enjoy their time on the Atlantic Ocean. Other changes and improvements will also be made. Among other things, there will be a new area with chairs and sofas for travellers to relax in.

– Times have changed a lot since Norröna joined our fleet 17 years ago. Customer demands were different back then. That is why it is important to follow the trends and the demands that our customers have, Rúni Vang Poulsen says.


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