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Nordic prime minsters call for best 5G in the world

The Nordic Region will lead the world in developing and rolling out the fifth generation wireless network (5G), the Nordic prime ministers said in a declaration after their meeting in Ornskoldsvik in May. They have asked the Nordic Council of Ministers to coordinate the work on a joint plan to achieve their objective.

The level of ambition for the streamlined partnership is high, and the prime ministers committed themselves to creating the political and social conditions necessary for the parallel roll out of 5G throughout the Nordic Region.

The new technology is expected to result in innovative solutions and opportunities in sectors such as transport, welfare, the environment, agriculture and energy. Business and industry also have much to gain from effective use of 5G, for example through enhanced automation, remote control and robotisation.

“5G will revolutionise our daily lives,” says Stefan Löfven, the Swedish Prime Minister and host for the meeting.

The ministers unanimously stressed the importance of a broad approach, working fast and working together.
“Nordic co-operation will be absolutely crucial to reaching our goals for the development and roll out of 5G,” says the Prime Minister of Iceland, Katrín Jakobsdóttir, who also stressed the potential positive climate effects of the new technology.

The prime ministers have a longstanding policy goal of making the Nordic Region the most integrated region in the world and investment in 5G is a natural part of those endeavours.

The project will be a joint one between the Nordic Council of Ministers for Digitalisation, the national governments, the national digitalisation agencies and business representatives.

Article originally published on Norden.org
Image credits: Mary Gestrin/Norden.org


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