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Nordic and Baltic countries cooperate on digitalization

The Nordic and Baltic countries have taken one more step towards strengthening their collaboration on digitalization. Together with other Nordic countries, the Faroe Islands have signed a joint ministerial resolution regarding artificial intelligence (AI).

The resolution looks to develop and create better terms regarding AI, including better access to data and common guidelines concerning AI usage. Additionally, the infrastructure, technology and data used for AI will be based on common and shared templates.

Faroese Minister of Finance, Kristina Háfoss, is delighted an agreement has been reached.

She says: “It is of utmost importance that Faroese digital solutions can be used across country borders. It is also necessary for the Nordic and Baltic countries to continuously share knowledge and experiences, so we can find common solutions when possible. I am particularly delighted that the Faroe Islands are involved in this digitalization cooperation on equal footing to our Nordic neighbours.”

The Government of the Faroe Islands, through the National Digitalisation Programme of the Faroe Islands, is currently working on a general plan for digitalization in the Faroe Islands. Although AI does not play a direct role in the project, it is important that the Faroe Islands is prepared for this technology.

The Nordic and Baltic digitalization collaboration started when MR-Digital was established in 2017. Ministers from the Nordic and Baltic countries are members of MR-Digital, a Minister’s Council that works to create a coherent and united digital domain with the aim of utilizing digital technology to create growth and even better welfare in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Originally published on Faroeislands.fo
Words: Levi Hanssen
Pic: fmr.fo


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