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Norðfra sold 450.000 rissoles and 150.000 fish balls last year

Faroese company Norðfra sold around 450.000 rissoles and approximately 150.000 fish balls in 2017, according to in.fo.

Jógvan Martin Hansen, Head of Sales at Norðfra, tells the Faroese news site that there is a growing demand for fishery products.

– At Norðfra it is particularly haddock fillet, cod fillet, fish rissoles, fermented fish and halibut that people want.

– There are certain products which are popular on a year-round basis and then there are other products which are more season-bound – for example halibut and salmon which are especially bought for confirmation parties, special events and feasts, Hansen explains.

According to Hansen, haddock fillet and cod fillet are Norðfra´s most popular products.

– We are selling to Faroese shops, restaurants, Faroese consumers around the country as well as several institutions, Hansen says.

Image credits: Norðfra


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