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Non-traditional shopping for traditional foods at new Vágsbotnur market

The newly established market square at Vágsbotnur in central Tórshavn features locally sourced foods such as traditional fermented sheep and fermented fish during the Christmas season. As per Faroese tradition, such foods would generally not be bought at markets or in stores for that matter but rather acquired from extended family or friends, if not from one’s own production — keeping sheep has, after all, long been a highly popular hobby among the Faroese; and fishing remains an important profession here as well as being a hobby for many. In other words, such traditional foods were always, and still are to some degree, part of the informal economy — in fact a critical element of the life support system of the islands, not least in times of financial volatility.

In other news, the last few days have seen heavy snowfall across the Faroes, disrupting road traffic in several places, especially some of the outlying villages; even a relatively large settlement such as the town of Vestmanna has been effected with its only connecting road temporarily closed on safety concerns. Overall, many of the mountain roads across the islands have lately been rendered impassable by snowy and icy conditions often combined with zero visibility caused by snowstorms.

Tórshavn was no exception in terms of bad driving conditions on Saturday December 17th, however with good visibility throughout most of the day. The steeper hills proved problematic for quite a few drivers but then again, not for others who had made sure their tires were good for snow, especially those four-wheel-drive SUVs and pickup trucks that shine in such conditions. Obviously roads were less busy with fewer cars than normal, however pedestrians were out and about in downtown.



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