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No referendum on same-sex marriage

The gay marriage referendum proposed by the Central Party (Miðflokkurin) will not go ahead.

A majority of the Rules Committee – consisting of Kristin Michelsen (Javanðarflokkurin), Sonja J. Jógvansdóttir (Independent), Ingolf S. Olsen (Tjóðveldi) and Ruth Vang (Framsókn) – believes the marriage law debate has been concluded and recommends that Parliament rejects the referendum proposal.

The majority says it is wrong to strip people of their rights and that a referendum should not be used as a tool in questions about human rights.

The minority of the committee is split into two on this issue. One, consisting of Magnus Rasmussen og Edmund Joensen, says they will make a decision in Parliament during today’s (Friday’s) second hearing on the matter.

The other minority, Elsebeth Mercedis Gunnleygsdóttur, approves of the referendum, arguing that nothing is more natural than issuing a referendum on matters of great public significance.

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