New website launched with information about popular tours in the Faroes

Visitors planning a holiday to the Faroe Islands will now have much easier access to travel information as well as the option to book popular tours in the Faroe Islands directly online via the newly developed website Guidetofaroeislands.fo.

Guide to Faroe Islands, which was launched this week, is the largest collaboration in the travel industry in the Faroe Islands.

The initiators state on the website: ”Our partnership consists of more than 50 travel companies and individuals in the Faroe Islands. What unites us is that we have all agreed to provide travelers with the best possible services and prices available in the Faroe Islands.”

The initiators add: ”Guide to Faroe Islands also provides you with more travel information about the Faroe Islands than any other website. You can find helpful travel articles, specific attractions and soon you can contact local people.”

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