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New memorial dedicated to women who died in childbirth

A new monument in memory of Faroese women who suffered maternal death has been erected in Fuglafjørður. The monument, which was revealed in mid December, consists of a five-meter tall ceramic sculpture created by award-winning artist Guðrið Poulsen.

The project was initiated by priest Anne Mette Greve Klementsen, Fuglafjørður’s cultural coordinator Brynhild Næs Petersen, and midwife Poulina Abrahamsen, who organized it in laison with Fuglafjørður Municipality.

At the public reveal, Sirið Stenberg, Minister of Cultural and Social Affairs, expressed her appreciation of the initiative. “With this [monument] you honor women who died in childbirth, and you give all their descendants a place to remember them and seek comfort,” the government minister noted.

The monument is situated centrally in the town, between the Church of Fuglafjørður and the local House of Culture.

“The fact that you chose to place the monument in the center of town, surrounded by people and symbols of progress shows a thoughtful decision, which will serve as a daily reminder of those women and what they gave and sacrificed,” Ms. Stenberg said.

“That which we remember will not disappear but will remain amongst us,” she added.


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