New LED streetlights reduce electricity consumption by 14 percent in Vágur

Image credits: Vágur Municipality
Image credits: Vágur Municipality

For the past couple of years, the municipality of Vágur has been working on replacing all the streetlights in the area with LED lights. Last year alone 60 streetlights were replaced.

The change to LED lights is an important step for the municipality’s green course, and even though there are still some lights left that need replacing, the change has already had a positive effect on the municipality’s electricity consumption, according to the website of Vágur Municipality.

Last year the municipality spent 146.605 KWT on streetlights compared to 170.528 KWT in 2013 – a 14 percent reduction. If we take into account the fact that new streetlights have since been installed in previously streetlight-free areas, the reduction would be 26 percent (from 170.528 KWT to 126.448 KWT).

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