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New dedicated air freight service for Faroese exporters and importers

A new air freight company has been founded with the backing of salmon farmer Bakkafrost, in what looks set to bring fresh progress to the trade infrastructure of the Faroe Islands, expanding available options for Faroese fish exporters as well as for importers of goods to the country. 

A co-founder of the new venture, Bakkafrost has reportedly committed to sign up as top client from day one. The salmon giant’s CEO Regin Jacobsen has taken position as chairman of the board of non-executive directors of the newly established company, with Bakkafrost chairman Rúni M. Hansen likewise taking a seat on the board alongside the formation initiators behind the yet-to-be-named air freight company — Heðin Krett, Andrew Djurhuus, Hans Meinhard á Høgabóli, and Birgir Nielsen. Mr. Nielsen has also been appointed as chief executive officer.

The company’s stated purpose is to operate and conduct air-freight business to and from the Faroe Islands. According to Faroese media reports, the new carrier is looking to purchase or charter a cargo airplane as of the earliest date possible for the purpose of transporting air freight to and form the Faroe Islands.

“An agreement has been entered into with Bakkafrost, who will be the company’s main client, and Bakkafrost will likely occupy most of the cargo capacity out of FAE [Vagar Airport],” a statement read. “On incoming trips there will be room for guaranteed deliveries to Faroese importers, also providing a basis for innovation in imports of goods to the Faroe Islands.”


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