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New Book: William Heinesen and Jørgen-Frantz Jacobsen Letters

William Heinesen and Jørgen-Frantz Jacobsen Letters 1920-1938.

They had humour, were philosophical, politically conscious and were exceptionally good writers.

They were visionary and everything but narrow-minded.

They were fond of their fellow countrymen, however they were easily amused by their shortcomings. We can read all this in their letters.

In the letters from 1920 to 1938 they write each other about their thoughts, their dreams, their plans and how life in general treats them. It’s all on paper, heartfelt, honest, humourous and well thought out.

345 letters between the two friends, relatives and authors, William Heinesen and Jørgen-Frantz Jacobsen, are included in this unique book which Sprotin has just published.

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