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Nepalese athlete Mira Rai to compete in world first trail running race

Útilív Adventure Festival 2018 has announced that Nepalese professional sky running and ultra-trail athlete Mira Rai will be competing in the Útilív Mountain Half Marathon trail race on Saturday 8th September 2018.

Starting in the historic village of Saksun, the 21km trail race is a linear route taking in high ridge lines, the tallest sea cliffs in Europe, and steep technical terrain, finishing on a black sand beach in the remote town of Tjørnuvík, in the North West region of the Faroe Islands.

“It looks an amazing place! Nothing like Nepal. We don’t have oceans in Nepal and look at the Faroes! I am very excited to visit this place’’ Mira Rai says.

Útilív Adventure Festival is the world’s first trail running event to take place in the Faroe Islands. The Faroe Islands are a remote an unexplored jigsaw of 18 volcanic islands adrift in the north Atlantic Ocean between Norway and Iceland. The backdrop of knife-edge ridgelines, dramatic waterfalls, secluded lagoons, and ancient trails provide an epic & unique landscape for this world first event.

‘We’re delighted to announce that Mira Rai will be running in the first ever international trail race in the Faroe Islands. The islands are a trail runners dream location, so it’s an absolute pleasure to have someone as inspiring and experienced as Mira come and join us in such a unique event. We can’t wait for her to see the scenery.’’ Commented Sarah Pritchard, Race Director of the Útilív Adventure Festival.

Mira Rai was named 2017 ‘Adventurer of the Year’ by National Geographic. She wins international trail races and is sponsored Salomon athlete. Mira grew up in a rural village in Eastern Nepal’s Bjojpur Mountains and spent her childhood fetching water and crops for her family. At the age of 14, she joined the Maoist rebels, before returning back home and using her training to excel in trail running. Mira is now recognized for her endurance and trail running ability, and her empowering work to help men and women in Nepal discover sports.

Picture credits: Trail Running Nepal


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