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NCC celebrates breakthrough of Tórshavn-Eysturoy undersea tunnel

Last week, Swedish construction company NCC celebrated the breakthrough of the 11.2km main branch of the Tórshavn-Eysturoy undersea tunnel.

The breakthrough of the 10.5m-wide tunnel came as planned, 27 months after NCC began the tunnel construction work in January 2017, writes theconstructionindex.co.uk.

At its deepest, the tunnel is 189m below the seabed and it boasts the Atlantic Ocean’s first and only sub-sea roundabout. The contract has a value of NOK1.4bn (£128m).

Over the next eighteen months or so, the tunnel will now be fitted out. The tunnel will open to the public in December 2020.

“The tunnel required considerably more injection than was typical for the other tunnels on the Faroe Islands – 7,500 tonnes of injection grout, to be precise,” said project manager Alf Helge Tollefsen from NCC Infrastructure, according to theconstructionindex.co.uk. “The teams have done an excellent job. NCC has also had to battle with a zone of extremely poor rock quality.”

The tunnel will shorten the travel distance from Tórshavn to Runavík/Strendur from 55 kilometres to 17 kilometres. The 64 minute drive will be shortened to 16 minutes. The drive from Tórshavn to Klaksvík will be shortened from 68 minutes to 36 minutes.


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