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Mykines introduces visitor fee citing risk of overtourism

In a bid to put a limit on the growing number of tourists visiting the tiny island of Mykines, property owners and regional authorities have decided to impose a new local tourism regulation regime, stipulating a ceiling on how many tourists are allowed on the island on a daily basis while likewise implementing a visitor fee. 

“To achieve sustainable tourism” for Mykines, property owners Hagapartarnir Mykines, in collaboration with regional tourism board Visit Vagar is thus introducing a new set of rules designed to limit the number of tourists visiting, taking effect as of May 6th. 

The new regulation is intended “to protect nature, birdlife and other wildlife, not to mention showing consideration for the local residents of the island who are affected by the high numbers of visitors,” Hagapartarnir Mykines stated.

According to the statement, Mykines residents have expressed their desire to regulate the inflow of tourists and improve the organization of hiking on the island.

“Work has begun with local providers on a solution that entails a limit on how many travelers can be ferried to the island on a daily basis plus a weekly day off with no tourists visiting,” we’re told.

Guided tours to the most popular destinations on the island will be organized, the statement added. “The tour will start at the school, which will serve as an information center. It will be renovated with work expected to be completed in the summer.”

Katrina Johannesen of The Locals will organize guided tours on the island, available for booking via website Hiking.fo.

“To achieve sustainable tourism that shows consideration for the local environment, it’s necessary to limit the number of tourists present on any given day to a maximum of 200. Hiking will take place only between 10am and 5pm. Outside of these hours the outfields should be considered off limits for tourists, unless they’ve been given express permission by Hagapartarnir Mykines.”

That means as of tomorrow, a visiting fee of 400 DKK (53.70 EUR) will be charged from tourists setting foot on Mykines provided the visit is booked via Hiking.fo at the latest on the day before; alternatively there’s the option of paying upon arrival, in which case the fee payable will be 500 DKK (67.10 EUR). 

Residents of the Faroe Islands, however, are exempt from the visitor fee, according to Hagapartarnir Mykines.

Meanwhile, transportation to the island is not included in the fee schedule and is available separately via website Mykines.fo.

While third-party operators will need to provide a certified Faroese guide for every group of tourists visiting Mykines, foreign tour guides without a work permit will not be allowed to host guided tours on the island, according to the statement. 


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