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‘My Eyes’: Lockdown duo Einangran releases third single

Musical duo Einangran, consisting of award-winning artists Heiðrik á Heygum and Lea Kampmann, have released a third new single, “Eygu míni” (English: My Eyes).

Heiðrik is known for hits like “Change of Frame”, “Monster,” and “Hope You’re Crying”, and Kampmann is known for her 2017 EP ‘Common Blue’ and singles “Sail” and “Higher”, released in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

In 2020, Kampmann and Á Heygum, both of whom meant to travel to different countries for solo projects, found themselves stuck in the same Copenhagen apartment for four months amid hard lockdown.

Not to despair, they decided to use their newfound spare time to create new music. Among other things, the pair set out to perform one song every night live on social media. In the end Heiðrik and Kampmann ended up performing 83 so-called Covid concerts, with each attracting hundreds of views. They released their first EP in November of the same year and their song “Kanska” (English: Maybe) was named Best New Song at the Faroese Music Awards that year.

Einangran’s newest single is about inherited shame; not wanting to be judged for which family one comes from, but rather as who one is as an individual. This is their third single from their upcoming album, which is reportedly planned for release in the summer of this year.


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