Mr. Sundskarð appointed as the new puffin patroller on the island of Mykines

Faroese company, which is owned and run by Mr. Pól Sundskarð, has been asked to help minimise the stress on the fragile puffin population in Mykines caused by crowds of tourists, reported several Faroese news media outlets yesterday.

Last spring, Mykines locals decided that something had to be done to protect the island’s declining puffin population from the surge of summer visitors, writes

The new rules state that walking off the beaten path is only allowed 11am-5pm when the patrols are present.

Outside of these hours, visitors will require a special permission from the freeholders. Alternatively, visitors can make arrangements with a certified tourist guide.

”With this arrangement I think the circumstances surrounding the flow of tourists, who come to the island every day, will improve drastically. Not just for the tourists but also for the people who live out there (on the island of Mykines)”, said Sundskarð according to

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