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Mr. Róland í Skorini presents new French-Faroese online dictionary

The new, and long-awaited, French-Faroese online dictionary was presented to the Faroese public today at the concert hall Reinsaríið in Tórshavn.

A lot of people had gathered to witness the presentation which was spiced up with choral singing by a Tórshavn-based high school class and an exclusive French-Faroese cheese table.

French high school teacher, Róland í Skorini, who wrote the dictionary, gave a speech on the working process, while Jonhard Mikkelsen, manager of Vestmanna-based book publiser Sprotin, which has published the dictionary, delivered a short speech, honoring the tremendous work of Mr. Skorini.

The new dictionary contains full entries for 10.200 words and is Sprotin´s 17th release of a Faroese-foreign language/foreign language-Faroese dictionary.

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