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MP: Bringing attention to online pornography at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak was not bad timing

Steffan Klein Poulsen, the young MP from the christian centre party, Miðflokkurin, has gotten a lot of attention this year for voicing his opinion on the matter of pornography.

He brought attention to the matter at the same time that the novel coronavirus broke out this past spring, but according to Steffan Klein Poulsen, it was not bad timing, as some have suggested.

In a leader in the Klaksvík newspaper, Norðlýsið, editor-in-chief Jóhann Lützen, wrote the following a month ago:

– Miðflokkurin brought an unfortunate amount of attention to itself this spring by having incredibly bad timing when it brought attention to a matter like pornography just when the coronavirus outbreak began.

But 24 year old Steffan Klein Poulsen disagrees, and this he made clear in an opinion piece, from which you’ll find an excerpt below:

Firstly, my written inquiry about protecting children from pornography on the internet was delivered about two weeks before the virus broke out in the Faroe Islands. Of course I could have chosen to withdraw my inquiry, but I saw no reason to do so.

I think it’s incredibly dangerous to stare blindly at one matter or crisis like COVID-19 and throw everything else aside. Statistics show that consumption increases a lot, when people are sent home, and the biggest porn site (edit: Pornhub) gave all Italians free access to their material during the outbreak. The more I thought about my timing the better I thought it to be.


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