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Mother with three children had Smyril make u turn

‘Smyril’, domestic bus and ferry operator SSL’s ferry that sails daily between Tórshavn and Tvøroyri, had to return to port shortly after departure from Tórshavn in the evening of Tuesday February 1st.

The occasion for the unscheduled return to the East Harbour quayside was the fact that four passengers had boarded the ferry by mistake and urgently needed to be put ashore in order to catch another ferry. 

According to public broadcaster KvF, an Icelandic woman alongside her three children had mistaken the ferry for Smyril Line’s ‘Norröna’, the cruise ferry serving the route between the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Denmark.

Incidents of this kind appear to occur every once in a while, SSL told news daily In.fo. After all, such mistakes can happen rather easily not least considering the confusion caused by the fact that the name ‘Smyril’ is used both in SSL’s fairly large ferry and in the company name of the owners of the still much larger ‘Norröna’.


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