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Most read articles of 2018 had 262.675 visitors and published 854 articles in 2018. Here are the most read articles:

  1. (Pictures) Faroe Islands is the perfect venue for nude art creation
  2. Incensed London-based security manager speaks out after he was allegedly harassed and humiliated by Vágar Airport customs officers
  3. (Video) One of the worst storms ever on the Faroe Islands
  4. Open letter to Faroe Islanders: “You could be known for excellence and become a centre for ecological tourism. Instead you are known for slaughter”
  5. Faroese Týr fan allegedly subjected to vitriol of vile abuse from Sea Shepherd supporter on train station platform
  6. Sea Shepherd offers the Faroe Islands one million euros to end the Grindadráp
  7. Having more babies than everybody in Europe does not stop Faroese women from pursuing a career
  8. Video: Týr lead singer subjected to vitriolic taunts by New York-based anti-whaling activists
  9. “This is very unfortunate branding of our country,” laments former Faroese PM after dolphins hunt
  10. “We know how this organization works”- Local sheriff suggests Sea Shepherd staged brutal dolphin stabbing
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