More than ten percent of the Faroese population has been tested for COVID-19

Image credits: Ólavur Frederiksen/FaroePhoto
Image credits: Ólavur Frederiksen/FaroePhoto

According to the most recent statistics from the Faroese Ministry of Health, 5.509 tests have been conducted so far.

In February the population of the Faroe Islands was 52.199, and assuming each person has only been tested once, that accounts for 10.6 percent of the population.

The first COVID-19 test was conducted on 28 February. Since 3 March tests have been conducted every day, and the number of tests has varied, but the current record was set on 18 March, where 339 tests were conducted. Since 2 April, the daily number of tests has been lower than 200.

The Faroe Islands currently has 184 confirmed cases, which amounts to 0.35 percent of the country’s total population.

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