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More than 100 white-sided dolphins and pilot whales herded and killed in village of Hvalvík

More than 100 white-sided dolphins and pilot whales were herded and killed in Hvalvík on the island of Streymoy yesterday, report several Faroese news websites. writes that “a lot of people gathered on Hvalvík Beach to witness the killings which went fast and smooth.”

However, according to British newspaper Daily Mail the killings did not exactly take place as smoothly as reported by Faroese media.

“While regulations state that dolphins and whales should be killed using a special tool, the video (footage from American marine conservation organization Sea Shepherd) appears to show islanders using normal knives,” reports Daily Mail.

Tuesday’s hunt was filmed by Sea Shepherd, which has campaigned to end killing of dolphins and whales in the Faroe Islands.

Daily Mail explains that “whale driving on the Faroe Islands date back to the late 16th century and involve residents herding pods of whales into shallow waters.

They are then killed using a ‘spinal lance’ that is inserted through the animal’s neck to break its spinal cord.

However, today’s (yesterday’s) hunt appears to have been carried out using both spinal lances and normal knives, which is likely to be a slower and more painful process,” adds the British newspaper.

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