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Missing Chinese woman feared dead after hiking near Trælanípan

Over the weekend, search and rescue teams of the Faroe Islands have undertaken an effort looking for a Chinese tourist who was reported missing near Trælanípan on the southern coast of the island Vágar.

The person, a woman in her 30s, reportedly went on a hike with her Dutch husband and was nowhere to be found after the couple had split up on their explorations on Friday morning.

Search and rescue teams alongside helicopters, drones, boats and dogs have been deployed, but so far without any result, media outlets report.

As of Saturday morning, the search was entirely concentrated on the sea, after a thorough search on land had proved unsuccessful, police told news daily Portal.fo.

The couple were currently living in Germany, and according to national broadcaster KvF the man has been questioned by the police.

As of Saturday night, no trace of the missing woman had been found, search and rescue officers said.

Petur Sigurd Justesen of the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center in Tórshavn, appearing on KvF’s radio station, expressed little hope of finding the woman alive.

On Sunday, amid bad weather combined with diminishing prospects of finding the woman, the search and rescue operation was called off with still no trace of the missing person, according to reports.


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