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Ministers stand up for Nordic leadership of climate-smart energy

The Nordic ministers for energy are promising to strengthen the Nordic Region’s global leadership in the field of climate-smart energy. This is just one of several messages in a declaration adopted by the ministers at a meeting on 22 May. The declaration is strongly linked to the international co-operative bodies Clean Energy Ministerial and Mission Innovation that met in Öresund this week, bringing together ministers from the world’s largest economies.

In the declaration, the Nordic ministers take a stand for development towards energy production that is more sustainable, based on the 2015 Paris Agreement and global Sustainable Development Goals. The ministers’ promises include continuing to develop the Nordic Region as a front runner in the integration of renewable energy, energy efficient solutions, and climate-smart energy. The objective is to ensure that the region continues to have the most integrated and intelligent climate-smart energy solutions.

The ministers welcome the commitment of Nordic companies and organisations in accelerating the clean energy transition and encourage increased co-operation between the public and private sectors.

“Energy plays a key role in efforts to bring about sustainable development. The Nordic countries are pioneers in this area by international standards and we want to continue to be so. We will strive to strengthen global Nordic leadership in the field of clean energy innovations and in exporting sustainable energy solutions,” says Sweden’s Minister for Policy Coordination and Energy, Ibrahim Baylan, who is the chair of the Nordic ministers for energy in 2018.

The declaration also addresses energy research. The ministers want to focus on increased Nordic co-operation in research, development, and innovation in climate-smart energy, energy efficiency, and energy systems. In addition, the ministers promise to continue to argue that a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and continued economic growth are both viable and beneficial, as clearly evidenced by and in the Nordic Region.

The declaration was adopted at a meeting in Lund in connection with the ongoing international energy week in Copenhagen and Malmö, where the Clean Energy Ministerial 9 and Mission Innovation 3 are taking place in an effort to accelerate the clean energy transition. The meetings bring together energy ministers from all the G20 countries and Nordic countries, as well as industry figures from across the globe, providing a fantastic opportunity to showcase Nordic climate-smart energy solutions.

The Nordic countries and Nordic Council of Ministers are co-hosting CEM9 and MI3 with the European Commission. A series of energy events under the name Nordic Clean Energy Week are being held throughout the week, parallel to the ministerial meetings.

The declaration has been signed by Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the Faroe Islands and Åland.

This article was originally published on Norden.org


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