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Minister expresses hope of saving discontinued Faroese-language course for foreigners

Even though Tórshavn Evening School has decided to discontinue the ‘Faroese As a Second Language’ course, those who wish to study the subject during the upcoming season need not fear as, according to Minister of Children and Education Djóni Nolsøe Joensen, the plan is indeed to offer such courses at colleges around the country in short order.

A bill has been tabled at the parliament to address the issue and, granted it passes, the continuation of the Faroese courses aimed at foreigners will be secured, Mr. Joensen told broadcaster KvF.

Citing work overload, Tórshavn Evening School has stated it will no longer be offering lessons in Faroese as a second language. “The burden has become too heavy,” the school said in a public statement released last week.

“Employees of the evening school have explained that students who are immigrants or refugees often face great challenges, as their lives have been affected by war, disaster, crisis, fear, trauma and other such issues. The Tórshavn Evening School does not find it viable to continue to offer assistance and be responsible for this area of activity.”

Since 2014, Tórshavn Evening School has reportedly taught more than a thousand students ‘Faroese As a Second Language’. Included among the students have been, for example, refugees from Ukraine, both adults and children. 

Prior to 2014, the Evening School offered short 20-hour courses in ‘Faroese for Beginners’, as it was then called; however, in 2014 a longer course was offered to immigrants of non-Nordic origin. The language course was thus expanded into a 300-hour program in collaboration between Tórshavn Municipality, the Ministry of Culture, and unemployment agency ALS. Amid popular demand, a follow-up course was offered in 2015 for those wishing to continue their Faroese studies. Since 2020, ‘Faroese as a Second Language’ was offered at CEFR level (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).


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