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Michelin-star restaurant KOKS announces temporary relocation to Greenland

The Faroe Islands’ only Michelin-star restaurant, KOKS, which has helped put the tiny island nation on the gastronomical world map, has announced that it’s closing down in the Faroes while opening up in Greenland.

For the next two years, the restaurant will be thus located in Ilimanaq, Greenland, thereby bringing Michelin-starred cuisine to the Arctic.

KOKS was awarded its first Michelin star in 2017 and two years later it was upgraded to two stars. The internationally renown restaurant has been featured on a number of prestigious lists, including Forbes magazine’s ‘The 10 Coolest Restaurants for 2021’.

Since 2018, the restaurant has been located near Leynavatn near the Streymoy-Vagar undersea tunnel. This arrangement was never meant to be permanent, and a new location was found near Fossdalsgjógv, between the villages Velbastaður and Syðradalur on the western coast of Streymoy. The move to Fossdalsgjógv was to take place in the spring of 2022, however KOKS owners Gist & Vist have yet to secure a building permit for the scenic location, although they reportedly submitted their application two years ago.

According to Gist & Vist, KOKS cannot continue to have their premises at their current location, hence the decision to move the restaurant to Ilimanaq in Greenland while awaiting the building permit for the Fossdalsgjógv location.

KOKS hope to reopen in the Faroe Islands by the summer of 2024, we’re told.


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