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“Mental health is at the heart of so many of the issues I am passionate about,” proclaims Tórshavn mayor in opening speech at ‘Developing Dialogue’ conference

The conference ”Developing Dialogue” is being held at the Nordic House, Tórshavn this weekend.

The hosts are the associations of Farose Psychiatric Nurses FPS and Psychiatric Nurses Coperation in the Nordic Countries PSSN.

Conference theme: “DEVELOPING DIALOGUE” – best practices and new understandings in mental health service.

The conference kicked off yesterday with Annika Olsen, the mayor of Tórshavn, giving an opening speech (read below):

“I am pleased to welcome you all to Tórshavn and honoured to be able to say a few welcoming remarks to this critically important community of psychiatric and mental health professionals and advocates within nursing. Thank you so much.

I am delighted to be here, surrounded by people committed to improve mental health services and support, people who give their time and energy to this vastly important issue of developing dialogue both in psychiatric and mental health nursing.

For too long, our society has been stuck with a mind-set and a healthcare system that prioritises physical health. Where waiting lists for cancer treatment or heart surgery are always deemed more important than those for mental health issues.

Fortunately, we are starting to realise that the health of our minds is as essential as the health of our bodies. That the recovery from emotional challenges is every bit as important as the recovery from physical ailments. This means that ensuring a dialogue to combat the consequences of poor mental health is pivotal. As a society we should support all initiatives that help build our knowledge on this area.

Mental health is at the heart of so many of the issues I am passionate about. I have heard too many stories about people who have been victims of prejudice and misunderstanding when what they really needed was help, advice, and care.

We need to change our attitudes and responses to mental health so that the problems are not simply swept under the surface. The feelings of isolation and loneliness that often accompany mental health problems must become a thing of the past.”


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