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Men’s handball: Winning return match 25-17, Romania take revenge on Faroe

In Bucharest on Saturday, the men’s handball national team of the Faroes were, alas, not able to repeat their impressive feat after their surprise win against Romania in Tórshavn three days earlier.

While the first match ended with a 28-26 victory, the return match in Romania saw the Faroese lose by eight goals, 25-17 after a half-time score of 14-10.

Despite this loss, the Faroe Islands are still in the running for a spot in the EHF Euro 2024 in Germany. At least in theory.

The Faroe Islands, Romania, Austria, and Ukraine play in Group 4 to qualify for the EHF Euro. In April, the Faroese team are slotted to go head to head with Austria in Bregenz, and Ukraine in Tórshavn. The Faroese faced Ukraine and Austria in October last year and ended up losing both matches. Should the Faroese manage to win against Ukraine next month, they will likely end up in the 3rd place within their group and thus will have a shot at qualifying.

Currently, Austria is in 1st place with four wins, Romania in 2nd with two wins, with the Faroes and Ukraine lagging behind, having won one match each.

Faroese goal scorers on Saturday:
Hákun West av Teigum: 4
• Elias Ellefsen á Skipagøtu: 2
• Theis Horn Rasmussen: 2
• Leivur Mortensen: 2
• Tróndur Mikkelsen: 2
• Rói Berg Hansen: 2
• Óli Mittún: 1
• Helgi H. Hoydal: 1
• Hallur Arason: 1


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