Meet Uni Rasmussen, the first visually impaired politician in the Faroese Parliament

A visually impaired Faroese man has shown that there is ability in his disability.

Hailing from Gøta, Faroe Islands, Uni Rasmussen lost his vision in a car accident at the age of 21. This was a great setback, but the gritty man didn’t let this bog him down.

Amongst other things, Uni Rasmussen has finished a marathon, participated in bicycling from Klaksvík to Paris with Team Rynkeby, renovated his home in Gøta single-handedly, held a speech at the Global Leadership Summit, and is currently a member of the city council in Runavík Municipality.

Uni Rasmussen is the first visually impaired politician taking seat in the Faroese Parliament. He represents Fólkaflokkurin (The People’s Party) and received 465 votes in last months election.

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