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Marine Harvest and MEST sign agreement to build new catamaran

This is the first catamaran that MEST has the privilege to supply Marine Harvest with. The catamaran is set to be delivered in june 2018.

Earlier this week an agreement was reached between Marine Harvest and MEST to build a new catamaran. All of the work is to be carried out at MEST in Torshavn. Including the hull.

This new catamaran is being built to service Sundalagið, and the homeport is going to be Haldórsvík. MEST has already this year built three catamarans, and the fourth one is set to be delivered in december. These are delivered to the salmon farming company, Bakkafrost.

The new catamaran is new build number 114 for MEST. It is 15 meters long and 7 meters wide. It has a Crane from Melcal and two times 450 HK Cummins engine. The secondary motor is a 70 kW Cummins engine. It is also equipped with a 15 tonnes deck winch. Facilities include a toilet and a work area/clothing facilities. The vessel has all the newest navigation equipment.

MEST CEO Mouritz Mohr is pleased that Marine Harvest has chosen MEST for the task, and believes that the expertise that MEST has acquired by building 4 catamarans during the last 1½ years, is a good basis for MEST to deliver a good product – made in the Faroe Islands.


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