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Marija Todorovic Markovic wins the Faroese Research Council’s Poster Prize

PhD student & medical doctor Marija Todorovic Markovic has won the Faroese Research Council’s Poster Prize.

Ms. Markovic, who is affiliated as a PhD student to the Research Unit at the Medical Dept. National Hospital Faroe Islands and to the Infectious Diseases Research Unit at Odense University Hospital/University of Southern Denmark, is studying Sepsis Epidemiology in the Faroe Islands in a PhD study called the FAPI study funded by the Research Council Faroe Islands and the National Hospital of the Faroe Islands.

Sepsis is life threatening infection and sepsis is a major contributor to mortality and morbidity.

It is hoped that this PhD study will generate important data on the occurrence and mortality of severe life threatening infections in the Faroe Islands, and compare the occurrence in the Faroe Islands with sepsis occurrence in other countries and geographic areas of the world.

Ms. Markovic’s two winner posters described the epidemiology of respiratory tract infections and urinary tract infections in patients admitted with community acquired infections and sepsis in the Faroe Islands.

Shahin Gaini, an MD, PhD and Expert in Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine, is her main supervisor and Professor Court Pedersen (Infectious Diseases Specialist, University of Southern Denmark), Professor Magnús Gottfredsson (Infectious Diseases Specialist, University of Iceland) and Professor Karl G. Kristinsson (Clinical Microbiologist, University of Iceland) are co-supervisors.

The Poster Prize was handed to Ms. Markovic at the Yearly Research Day 2018 earlier this week.

Image credits: Granskingarráðið


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